It is possible to define Unified Messaging as voice, video, text or instant messaging. If we add instant messaging (chat) to the electronic text messaging carried out with e-mail, text communication methods can be used through all channels and methods. Here, what is important is that the instant messaging must be carried out within the company in a secure and controllable way.

As marketing strategies adapt to changing technologies, commercial texting is becoming an increasingly valuable tool. Industries are using business SMS software for all sorts of reasons, from client outreach and marketing to sending a corporate text reminder to staff.

Texting is now a pillar of the corporate infrastructure and Call Fire has the solution as your premiere sms gateway service. Text messaging for business also offers the ability to review data to see who received your messages successfully and who did not.

Use Marketing Text Messaging to:

  • Conduct an effective corporate SMS campaign
  • Work in harmony with your existing business text software
  • Set up internal company texting to stay in touch with staff
  • Make your business marketing ideas a reality, faster
  • Work in harmony with your existing business text software
  • Issue a regular, monthly business SMS text to an opt-in company SMS messaging list
  • …and Much More!