A new communication tool has become part of our daily lives due to increasing communication needs and evolving video conference technology. Video conference technology has transitioned from ISDN based (H.320) circuit-based architecture to IP based (H.323) packet-based architecture in the course of the time.

Until broadband internet access was provided in our country, the only alternative for the meetings outside the company was ISDN based video conference solution. Today, thanks to the broadband internet access, it is even possible to make high quality video conference over ADSL lines. Increasing video conference usage also brings multiple video conference demand.

Besides, for the conversion between the ISDN based systems and IP based systems, IP/ISDN converter systems are used. Today, with the use of advanced SIP technology in Video Conference systems, low-cost systems are generated. Thus, it is certain that the video conference devices will also be used commonly in houses in the near future.

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