Enterprise Network infrastructure

Network infrastructures play an active role at each stage from the production to use, from protection and transmission to storage and reuse of information. These stages are among the most important assets for all the fields of industries. The ability to meet these requirements, predicting the future requirements and optimization in creating vital network infrastructures requires quite serious knowledge and experience

NA produce end-to-end solutions to provide such services as project design, implementation, commissioning and maintenance of local and wide area networks that can meet the current and future requirements of our customer’s. These solutions are extensible, and compatible with new technologies.
NA provide a broad range of services such as consultancy, network and security solutions, industrial solutions, business solutions, systems integration, outsourcing, service and maintenance services.

Our solutions provide time and money saving as well as efficiency and substantial contributions to reduce the environmental pollution.

NA can provide all services related to technological infrastructure and business applications as well as the business processes where these are used.