Security solutions

Importance of the information accelerates as it becomes most important component of business life. Attaining secure storage and use of information is getting difficult due to the security gaps created by willful approaches or careless users. Because new rules of industry may render senior managers personally responsible from challenges, security continues to be one of the hottest issues.

Information” is the most important value asset for companies, and it should be kept and used carefully. We recognize such importance, and turn the applications and consultancy services that keep security chain secure into customized solutions.

Security solutions and services that NA provide include

  • Network
  • Internet
  • Professional Security
  • Endpoint Security and Data Security

NA offer these solutions and services under the scope of followings:

  • Governance, Risk and Compatibility Solutions
  • Threat Management: NA offer well-designed, solid and stable multilayer security solutions.
  • Data Loss/Leak Prevention Solutions: In order to prevent any interruption in data flow of our customers and willful use of information flow, we offer Disc Encryption, Link Encryption, Endpoint Security and Data Leak Prevention (DLP) and provide assistance to create required policies and procedures.
  • Advancing Technologies: As NA Information Security experts, we follow security technology trends closely to provide security solutions that our customers need not only for today but also for the near future. NA give assistance to our customers for future investments with respect to virtualization, mobile device, and cloud security