Internet Security

NA make your computer networks secure with our specialist personnel through Internet security solutions we offer.

Secure Email Gateway

We provide services for the companies for Corporate E-mail Security with extensive and easy to manage products

The security of incoming e-mails, sent e-mails and the e-mails pending on the network is provided, while the risks that the information may be exposed to during the transmission of it from the sender to the recipient are prevented.

Also, E-mail encryption is extremely important in environments which have strict regulations where serious financial and legal results may arise because an e-mail communication channel which is secure at both ends as well as the personal or corporate private information cannot be confidential.


Next Generation Firewall

A computer network connected to Internet is exposed to all kinds of intervention and intrusion, if their security cannot be provided. The first and the most common method that comes to mind when talking about Internet security is to place a Security Wall at the point where the network connects to the Internet and control our data traffic.

Today, the security walls provide the security of our computer network, while they make the remote accesses secure and provides extra security using VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology.

Intrusion Prevention System

Today, attack techniques over Internet has become so complicated that sometimes it is not possible to prevent such attacks only by a Security Wall. Therefore, there needs to be such systems that examine the data packets incoming through Internet, compare the data in packets with the previous packets and prevent the passage of the packets having a potential to intrude and sent in a certain template. These type of systems are called Intrusion Prevention Systems and they work together with the Security Walls. The security walls do not examine the packets passed but they only authorize their passage, and the Intrusion Prevention System examines the passing packets and determines whether they are harmful or not, and accordingly takes actions.