Network Security

Easy access to information increases the competitiveness of the organizations, and the security levels of the companies are structured parallel to such expansion.

NA is aware of the importance of the sense of security at each point as security cannot be provided from single point solutions. So, we offer all our solutions in such sense, and implement the projects with experienced and certified professionals.

WAN Security

The propagation of the technologies used in wide network connections decreases the use of leased line, particularly in terms of cost. For services received from shared environments, there is a risk that wide network connections may be monitored by other people. It is possible to encrypt the wide network connections to eliminate this risk.

NA provide solutions for high capacity and various connection options which find a field of application, especially in finance, in this respect.

Incidence Response & Management

Each of the hardware and software used in corporate security infrastructure are controlled by administrative interfaces as provided by their own manufacturers, and they are typically traced suing security event logs created by the manufacturer in their own format. This requires separately observing different points (e.g. Internet security wall, intrusion prevention systems, etc.) as a result of any security weaknesses.

Wireless Security

Propagation of wireless network infrastructure has caused corporate network limited to become unclear. At the same time, corporate users’ ability to use wire and wireless network connections simultaneously may function as a bridge and cause their corporate security systems to be bypassed.NA offer wireless network security solutions, their integration into the security hardware and software used in corporate local network and security solutions specific to wireless networks.

Secure Web Gateway

NA offer services that increase the performance of corporate Internet management system and company personnel and maximize the company efficiency.

Network Access Control

The compatibility of all the clients, primarily the corporate users, to the security policies of the computers they use for local network access should be controlled. Especially, mobile users’ ability to use the same PCs both at work and out of work may cause malicious software to penetrate into the corporate network sources through these devices, which may lead to security weakness.